Braces Bands

Braces Band For The Alignment Of The Tooth

The tooth is an important part of the human body and it is very much essential to grind the food and also to provide a clear voice while speaking. The marinating of the tooth is the essential thing and every time when you eat or drink something just rinses your tooth to make it be more fresh and clean. Some people may have the tooth that is aligned in the proper manner whereas some people do not have the proper alignment due to various reasons or by birth. Since the tooth is the only thing that gives the more good look to your face the aligning it perfectly is the necessary one. The braces with the help of the bands give you the perfect alignment for your teeth. The Braces Bands are available in different types. Every time when you visit the dentist your doctor will change your elastic band often this is because the elasticity of your band gets reduced while using it for a long time.

What is the use of brace bands?

The wearing the brace bands are the essential thing as this enables you to align both the upper and the lower teeth in line. This also makes your jaw to be in the correct position. The elastic bands should be changed once per six to eight months. The effectiveness of the elasticity of the band can be determined by how much of the bite you are making while wearing it or the amount of the correction that is needed for your tooth. As per the instruction of the dentist, it is necessary to wear the band for a particular amount of time.

The bands are available in different colors and therefore every time when you visit the doctor you can change the color of the band as per wish. This gives the different stylish look for your face. While talking in the public it looks more attractive and gives a different style. The rubber bands should be worn more than half of the day then only your teeth will get aligned as quickly as possible. By wearing these rubber bands it is not easy for you to eat therefore it is good to remove the band while eating or brushing the teeth.

While wearing the brace bands at the initial stage it causes some little pain this because of the pulling nature of the rubber band and therefore you no need to worry the pain will get reduced after a week. There are a variety of the braces available such as the metallic braces, lingual braces, Invisalign braces, and ceramic braces. The bands that are fixed in these kinds of braces may sometime get off due to various reasons. And this gives the severe pain for your tongue, cheek or gum. In such cases, you can push the wire that came out of the brace with the help of the rubber end of the pencil or simply apply the orthodontic wax over the affected area. But one thing you should not do in that situation does not cut the wire on your own. You just have to approach the dentist and get repaired it.

Elastic ligature types

The elastic ligature is available in the different types and therefore each ligature has a different strength and the properties and gives the different tension to your teeth and quickly fix the teeth. The types are

  • Single elastic ligature

This is the ligature that is useful to make your teeth get aligned without any much pain. As this band gets loses its tension this should be changed often. The process of tying the tooth is the important one as if it is tied tightly then it gives the extra pressure to your teeth. According to the position of the teeth, your dentist will do it.

  • Connected elastic

This is the type of band that is used to reduce the gaps between the teeth. With the help of this elastic, it is also possible to group the teeth at the same time.

  • Stainless steel wire ligatures

This is also like the rubber band but this kind of the ligature provides extra force for the alignment of the teeth and therefore it is used when the teeth are misplaced, twisted or turned.